Digital Marketing

Campaigns and strategies to place you in the spotlight


Every digital marketing plan needs a clear-cut purpose

Whether it’s showcasing your products and services, building brand perception, attracting new customers or getting your promotions noticed – there are few better ways than digital marketing.

We believe a smart web marketing strategy is key to your company being more competitive in the online world. CubeMedia are experts in getting you noticed by the right audience and doing it consistently. We can work with you to implement a strategy that ensures your business meets its goals and achieves the right results.

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Boost your leads and sales with our proven strategies

In today’s digital world, a good looking website will only get you so far. Rather than launching a website and hoping that it gets found by potential customers, we prefer a different, smarter, more direct approach. 

We believe a carefully considered web-marketing strategy is key to your company being more competitive and visible in the online world.

First we’ll work with you to define your objectives, consult on options (such as content marketing, social media channels, search engine optimisation) and implement a strategy to ensure the right outcomes are achieved.

A smart web marketing plan focuses on attracting more traffic to your website; converting those visitors to enquiries and sales; and engaging customers with ongoing communication to foster preference loyalty.

Our aim is to give your business a real web-boost and combine social media, content marketing, SEO, email marketing and other techniques to provide a complete results driven service.

CubeMedia leverages digital tools and channels to help businesses connect with their customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Winning a top spot in search is not a game of chance. We know exactly how to optimise your website so that Google ranks it for the right keywords.

Google Ads & Pay Per Click

Results driven, tightly budgeted and targeted campaigns – the fastest way to the top of search, bringing qualified visitors to your website.

Social Media

Tell your story memorably and consistently. When done well, you’ll create a reputation and an identity for your business that will stimulate sharing, referral, review and preference.

Email Marketing

Connect with your existing customers, build stronger relationships and deliver value to generate new business opportunities.

Google My Business

Puts your business info on Search, Maps and Google so that customers can find you, no matter what device they’re using. Also begin your collection of 5-star reviews!

Online Business Directories

Maximise your business’s online profile while building trust and credibility with listings on trade and local directories.

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