Paper Bag Pantry

New brand identity and ecommerce website for online wholefoods store


Start up business Paper Bag Pantry offers an eco-friendly alternative when purchasing wholefoods such as nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruit and rice. Packaged in sustainable material, customers are able to order more specific weight requirements along with other organic products like produce bags, drinking straws and utensils.

To fit with the environmentally friendly identity of the company, CubeMedia developed a brand identity with a clean, simple and natural aesthetic appeal. This visual identity carried through to the website build where customers can easily locate and order from the wide range of products through the Woocommerce online store.

Paper Bag Pantry’s unique value proposition means that there are few competitors. CubeMedia prepared and manage a Google Adwords campaign that drives a significant portion of online sales with very low cost per click. Web traffic is further increased through smart SEO optimisation around the regular recipes, blog posts and other communications posted on the site.

CubeMedia have contributed further design and development work with new ideas for packing certain products using only bio-degradable materials and no staples or affixing agents.



Brand development, Website design, Website hosting, Search engine optimisation, Graphic design, Online store, Packaging concepts and design, Google Ads

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