UPS Power Solutions

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When the power is interrupted or goes out altogether, New Zealand businesses require surety that their vital systems, crucial infrastructure and valuable processes remain unaffected. UPS Power Solutions is the country’s leading specialist in clean, consistent power supply.

UPS Power Solutions’ website had become dated and restrictive so CubeMedia was engaged to develop a new site with a refreshed look, scalable architecture and improved facilities for managing product, service and promotional content.

The new website populates product information such as pricing and stock availability directly from the company’s inventory management system. Compliance and certification documents are crucial in the electrical industry and these are presented on revamped product showcase pages with improved search and filtering functionality.

The inclusion of an ‘Insights’ section enables the collation of promotional content including case studies, leadership articles and promotional material. CubeMedia develops the UPS Power Solution’s quarterly publication “Uninterrupted” from which most of this content is drawn and produces it in marketing ready formats.



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